Day 34 of 159


Coming from Rio, Geneva felt more like home than a new destination when I first landed. Lac Leman, the mountains, green trees, modern city… all of it could have been placed in the Pacific Northwest. However, a distinctly swiss feel began to settle in as I left Geneva for the relative countryside around Nyon–the cows, sunflower fields, vineyards, trains and old wood & stone buildings, all added up to a scene that can’t be found in the states. After all, Geneva may feel similar to Seattle after Bogota, Cartagena and Rio, but you’ll never look out over Lake Washington or the Puget Sound from a castle.

View from Chateau de Nyon in Nyon, Switzerland. About a 30 minute train ride from my home stay up in the hills of Arzier and just a 5 minute walk from SIT’s office and classrooms.


Author: Ty Joseph Hranac

Contact: or Profile photo by Adrianna Housman.

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