Day 16 of 159

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When you walk around with a map, or especially when you pull out your camera, you are everyones amigo in the historic district of Cartagena, Colombia. As the cities main tourist attraction, there are a lot of people trying to capitalize on naive travelers. It can be frustrating at points but sometimes the salesman are just so good at what they do you go along with it and shell out 3,000 pesos. For that amount we got a solo ‘tour’ of Las Murallas, the walls that were built to protect El Centro and San Diego from pirates and the english (as our guide informed us). According to legend (or our guides whim), the first stone laid in the wall contains a coin with the King of Spain’s face on it and a solid gold cross. That in combination with the islands off the coast, such as Isla Fuerte, where Henry Morgan hid treasure, makes Cartagena a literal gold mine of destinations.

While maps and cameras attracted salesman, running along the walls thru them into shock. At the end of a 40 minute run I got why we were the only ones exercising during the day. With humidity, the temp was well over 100 fahrenheit.


Author: Ty Joseph Hranac

Contact: or Profile photo by Adrianna Housman.

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