Day 13 of 159


Monserrate 10,314 ft up in Bogota, Colombia. Like Los Angeles, Bogota extends so far that it feels less like one central city and more like a microstate in itself–multiple skylines, different barrios separated by geography, infrastructure and/or culture. We stayed in the University District which, clustered up against the foothills of the Andes, was home to various schools, a stretch of quaint hostels, a lot of cafes and museums, as well as a few bars (most notably Bogota Brewing Company which, although admittedly very gringo, was a great pub that poured their own microbrew). The view from Monserrate put our little corner in context with the city as a whole just like the view from Griffith or Hollywood Bowl Overlook places Eagle Rock in the vastness of Los Angeles, prompting that instinctual feeling of awe.


Author: Ty Joseph Hranac

Contact: or Profile photo by Adrianna Housman.

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