Afyon: A Short Documentary on Opiate Use

Afyon is a short documentary that considers the differences between predominantly exogenous and endogenously stimulated lifestyles. It was filmed in Washington, a state that is currently struggling with increasing opiate use (especially amongst young adults), but at the same time is well known for it’s culture of fitness, healthy/organic eating, sustainability and highly educated, wealthy population. ] ]

Putting the life of a Triathlete and user in a juxtaposition, Afyon illustrates the different ways both lifestyles stimulate the brains natural reward circuitry, fulfilling our inherent drive for pleasure.

Afyon was created for my senior project, which I completed at the Seattle Waldorf High School. I edited it on Final Cut Pro X and filmed it with a Nikon D5100 – fixed 50mm lens and cheap external mic. Hope you enjoy.


Author: Ty Joseph Hranac

Contact: or Profile photo by Adrianna Housman.

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