Interview – Anita Yandle, Yes on I-522

Q: How have you seen outside state corporate spending effect the campaign?

A: Well, I mean, it’s definitely just mind boggling how much money the big corporate donors have put in to stop us from having the center, taking out the air waves on television, radio, pandora, they’re everywhere just spreading false information and misleading ideas about labeling and that just an interesting and difficult thing to deal with when its simply our right to know what in our food.

Q: If you had to address one piece of misinformation, one misconception, about the campaign, what would that be?

A: The main thing I find that is a misconception about it is that it would in anyway raise grocery prices. That is just false. The same companies said the same thing in the 90’s with nutrition labeling, you know, calorie count and stuff, and there was no price increase due to that. Other countries already have labeling for genetically engineered food and there has not been a price increase due to it and companies change their labels all the time, they change them for Halloween and for Christmas and to put a new sports player on the front and it doesn’t cost anything so its just a scare tactic to trick the other side into making people vote no.

Q: Do you think that level of corporate spending is acceptable in an election like this?

A: Well, I mean, it has been approved by the Supreme Court that they can do that so I don’t really think its my place to comment on that.

Q: Are you familiar with California’s Prop. 37 from last year?

A: I am more or less familiar with it, yes. It was a very similar proposition.

Q: Do you see any connection between the marginal failure of that bill and the large corporation spending in opposition to it?

A: So, in California, because it was the battleground state for GMO labeling, it hadn’t happened before, they didn’t expect to have the opposition put in–I think it was $47 million there–so they were unprepared for that. But here, we saw that happen in California, we knew that it was probably going to happen, so thats why we worked on getting such a strong grassroots support before we got to the election.

Excerpt of an interview conducted on October 27th with Anita Yandle, the social media coordinator of the Yes on I-522 campaign. Thank you so much, Ms. Yandle, for taking time out of your day to talk to me!


Author: Ty Joseph Hranac

Contact: or Profile photo by Adrianna Housman.

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